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Shavano Park Police Department

900 Saddletree Court

Shavano Park, TX 78231


EMERGENCY dial 911


NON-Emergency  804-0110  (Push #1 at the prompt)


Police Administration  210 492-9248

(Not answered before 8:00 a.m., after 5:00 p.m.or on weekends)

fax: 210 492-2824


You can also use our contact form

Office Hours

The Police Administration offices are open during the following hours:                    


0800-1700   Monday - Friday excluding holidays.








To claim an item of found property contact Shavano Park PD in person Monday-Friday between the hours of 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  You will need to be able to identify the item and a government approved identification will be required.


Contact Lt. Mario Nakazono at 492-9248 for more information or to make an appointment.




  • How do I obtain a copy of a crash report or police offense report?

Contact the Police Records Clerk at 210-492-9248 or email  A copy fee may be required. 

  • My car was towed.  How can I find out where it is and how to get it back?

Contact Banis Towing at 210-647-3994 or Mobile City Towing Services at 210-698-1250.  Be prepared to show proof of ownership and insurance in addition to any fees.

  • I have a casual question regarding police services. What number should I call?

Call 492-9248 between 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. M-F.  If you call after hours or on the weekend leave a message on the voicemail.  If you need POLICE, FIRE, or EMS service NOW then dial 9-1-1 or call 804-0110 if it is not an emergency.  The dispatcher will send a police officer, fire services, or EMS to your location. 

  • I have a Code Enforcement complaint or question. Who do I call?

You may call the Police Department at 492-9248 or City Hall at 493-3478.  The Police Department phone is answered between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. M-F except holidays.  If you call after hours you may leave a brief message and your phone number and an officer will call you back the next business day.

  • Can I get fingerprinting services?

Yes.  Residents of Shavano Park are not charged a fee.  Non-residents fee is $25.00 for two cards.  It is a good idea to call ahead to save time. Call 492-9248 8a-5p M-F.

  • I'm going on vacation. Can I get police to check my home while I'm away?

We will be glad to check your home while you're away. Call 492-9248 or there is an online form at  There is no fee for this service!

  •  My pet was lost.  How do I find out if it has been picked up?

All domestic pets found or turned in to the Police Department are turned over to DeZavala-Shavano Veterinary Clinic.  You can reach them directly by phoning 210-699-3939.  Or you can email your pet info to to be placed on the watch list.

  •  How do I obtain a Shavano Park resident sticker for my vehicle?

Stop by the Shavano Park City Hall during business hours or call 492-9248 for more informations.  You will need documentation to show proof of residency (driver's license, Texas ID card, or other proof of residency).

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Shavano Park Crime Stats

Protecting You - Protecting Our Community

Shavano Park Police Department is a 24/7 full service police department dedicated to keeping you and your's safe.

We're good but we can always use the eyes and ears of the public.  If you see suspicious behavior DIAL 9-1-1.  The Shavano Park PD has an excellent response time but we do need to know you need our help. 

SEE CRIME, REPORT CRIME - DIAL 9-1-1 for any emergency!

We Offer Some Services You Might Not Know About

  • Out of Town / Patrol-by


  • Fingerprinting / Shavano Park Residents - no cost;

           Non-residents - $25 fee for two cards  (Valid ID required)

  • Home Inspection (FREE) - contact Lt. Nakazono


It is a good idea to call ahead if you need fingerprints. Contact us at 210 492-9248 or use our contact form.


    No Missing Pets at this Time



Code Enforcement: A Helpful Tool for Citizens


Everyone wants to live in a nice neighborhood.  The City of Shavano Park has established standards to this effect, also known as Code Enforcement.  Recently the City experienced the resignation of the Code Enforcement Officer, and the job of Code Enforcement fell under the umbrella of the Shavano Park Police Department.  This article is designed to inform the citizens of the way that code enforcement issues will be handled by the Shavano Park Police Department.


Code Enforcement is the component of City services that handles complaints and concerns that relate to City codes.  On a daily basis, City staff receives calls and written requests covering a wide range of community concerns.  Issues such as garbage and junk in yards, businesses operating in inappropriate land-use zones, building without appropriate building permits, along with a host of others, are reported to or documented by the Police Department.  Once received, a police officer will research and investigate the complaint, which will include a site visit by the officer.  When the officer visits a site, they are either responding to a complaint that was filed with the City, or something that may have been observed during the normal course of business, that triggers a potential health or safety concern.  If a violation is noted, it is the Police Department’s goal to work with the responsible party to correct the violation.  This is done by identifying and researching the code associated with the violation, and explaining what needs to be done to comply with the law.  Referrals are often made to other agencies that may be able to aid in the correction process.


Once a violation has been observed, written notice in the form of a door hanger is given to the owner or placed on the front door, or a letter is mailed to the responsible party noting the violations that were found, along with a reasonable time frame in which corrections are to be made.  The Shavano Park Police are happy to work with individuals who are willing to help themselves and show good faith in trying to resolve the problem.  We understand that sometimes people are not aware they are in violation of a particular code until the City brings it to their attention.


Most citizens who receive a notice regarding code enforcement issues are more than willing to conform to the code and comply with the City’s requests.  Unfortunately, there are cases in which the owner and/or tenant fail to respond or refuse to make the necessary corrections.  When all else fails and the City has offered as much assistance as it can, these cases will be referred to the Shavano Park prosecuting attorney to ensure that Shavano Park codes are complied with.  Although it is not a course of action we like to take, this last-resort action is in the best interest of everyone in the community.  The issue is one of fairness to the majority of the citizens who comply with the codes and obtain the necessary permits, while protecting the livability of our neighborhoods. 

In most cases, the City staff will be able to help the complainant by using City resources to provide assistance and guidance to those who were not in compliance.  We hope this provides a general understanding of what code enforcement is about and the Police Department’s role.  For more information or clarification of specific codes, please call the Shavano Park Police Department at 492-9248 or the Shavano Park City Hall at 493-3478 Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.